Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Birthday Party Fun!

So, you may have guessed that it is Zane's birthday. There will be multiple posts about his parties and the events that have taken place to celebrate. For his birthday party that we had with my MOMs group friends (Moms On a Mission!) I decided to have a messy art party. Those who like order and structure, NOT FOR YOU!

We had six activities. Some we have seen before, here, and here.

One was making pinatas, not recommended with 3 and 4 year olds. Not quick enough. We did Ocean Painting, Fly Swatter painting, a color dot game, Oobleck, and hand and feet prints. The kids loved it, especially the Ocean Painting, Fly Swat Painting and color dot game.

Playing the Dot Game

The Master Piece!

Color Dot Game Results

Ocean Painting
The Ocean Painting is shaving cream, white school glue, and blue tempera paint whipped and then let them go crazy!

The Color Dot Game is really great. The first time Zane and I played we were at it for about an hour. I purchased the paint daubers (six pack) and got two different colored die. You put the numbers 1-6 on the dauber bottles. One of the die tells you which color to use, the other tells you how many dots to put on your paper. I loved this because it teaches the child numbers, counting and color recognition.

This was a great party and I am so Thankful that I had my parents to help clean up. It was a lot of work but I am so glad that we had this party. I hope that Zane's friends and their mommies had fun also. I know that Zane did and the memories will be treasured.

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SaraMarie said...

Sorry we missed it, looked like fun! Happy Birthday Zane!