Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Well, it came too soon, as usually. But we have been forced to turn the air conditioner on in April. But this means tons of water fun with Zane. This summer we have gotten him into swim lessons for eight weeks. They are at Brimhall, which is just down the street. He was in them last year and did really well, till I got morning sickness and did not enroll him in any more classes. We have also enrolled Zane in the preschool art classes at the Arizona Museum for Youth. We have taken the classes before and Zane loves going to them. I can't wait to gather more ideas!

Water fun has started in our backyard also. I found some water balloons for a buck with an adaptor to fill them outside. We keep the balloons small (between golf ball and tennis ball size) and then pitch them to Zane or him to us, and spray us all! He loves it. Again, he also loves his Splash Rocket. Yes, he uses it the way it is suppose to be used, but he prefers to use it as a hose and corners David and I soaking us. I am not sure if any of his grandparents have experienced this yet, but I know that my laundry has!!!

Using Rocket properly (rocket is in air but blends with background)

Zane spraying my drying laundry!!!

We have also done some more painting projects. Zane has started to ask to paint!!! I love his enthusiasm about it. He also asks for art!!! One of his favorites is fly swat painting. I hang a piece of butcher paper on the wall (duct tape works OK, but I think I am going to try and find giant clips and have David anchor them into the wall-Heather that is for you!!!) Then you can see the rest. With this particular painting, we also threw rocks, pine cones and weeds full of paint at the paper. Zane also used his football and basketball as a paintbrush! I love watching him make a mess.

The start of the picture!

Zane is also big on sword fighting. He is such a boy. We have play silks that we can use to dress up as pirates, princes and princesses, superheroes, whatever we want. He wanted to be a pirate the other day and so we were.

Who needs Talk like a Pirate Day!?!
If you look close, you will see how messy fly swat painting can be--DON'T SAY I DIDN'T WARN YOU!

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