Thursday, April 24, 2008

Dinosaur Nest!

Zane is under the impression that round rocks are dinosaur eggs. And why not! So we made dinosaur eggs and a nest. It was so much fun. I gave Zane some paint and brushes. We went on the back porch and painted the "eggs". Then I asked Zane if he wanted to build a nest for the eggs. Of course he said yes! He has learned that a nest is where baby birds are. We saw some empty nests at the riparian area and the zoo, one also fell out of our tree. So they were not too exciting to him. But on our last trip to the riparian area, we were eating lunch and Zane was lucky to see two baby sparrows and a mommy feeding them. I was able to tell him that there was a nest up there and that is where they live. We also were able to see baby ducks and another duck sitting on a nest. So he now understands the concept of a nest!
The Nest

Well, we went around the neighborhood and found nest materials. Put them in his wagon and brought them home. Then in Zane's garden (nothing is growing there) we built the nest. We started with water, and made it nice and muddy. Added the sticks and then the eggs. What was great is that Zane pushed the eggs down into the mud, just like reptiles do!!!! How great that he would think to bury the eggs so they are hidden and safe, just like a future zoologist!!!!Look by Zane and you will see a "blue egg" he just buried.

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How much fun!!!