Sunday, December 6, 2009

Some Free Time

It has been super crazy around here. With Zane turning 4 and having three different birthday events, Thanksgiving and all the activities that Zane is involved in, the blog has not been a priority. Tonight Zane is at AWANAS and Daddy is off watching the Cardinals game and playing Rock Band with some friends. So I get the house and computer without interruptions. At least for 30 minutes.

Zane got a tramp for his birthday, which has been a good choice. He was also able to feed the giraffes with Grammie, had a messy art party with some of his friends at Camp Central (where he goes when I am at MOMs (like MOPs), ZooLights, and another party with some friends from church. Somewhere we also had Thanksgiving. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the events.

Favorite Family Picture from Thanksgiving

First Jumps on the Tramp!

Our Favorite Softball Player came to ZooLights with us all the way from Boston!
We love you and miss you!

The Joy and Love of Chocolate!

Feeding the Giraffe. See the tongue is purplish and getting a carrot

I just can't believe that it is December and closing in on the middle of it at that. It is crazy to think that Zane is four already. It is true how SSSSLLLLOOOOWWWWW time went when you were younger and how quick it is now that we are adults. After Thanksgiving growing up I thought Christmas would never get here. Now, I feel like it was just Labor Day and we still had the A/C on.

As the year winds down I am going back and looking at all that has gone on and how many prayers were answered and how has changed. I can't wait to do a post on that as I get it prepared. There are also so many decision that are coming in the next year and some major trusting God in which way He is leading us. It is time to go pick up Zane. Hope all the Christmas Cheer is filling your homes and the holiday crazies are staying away. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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Julie said...

oh I WISH we had room for a tramp. What a great way to burn boy energy! BTW, I wanted to encourage you - that you're in the home stretch...or at least it was for us. When Mr. Intensity turned 4, his behavior improved. Four-and-a-half was even better. Five has been my favorite age so far. He's still not an easy child (by any stretch of the imagination) but I *hope* the worst is least until we reach puberty.