Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Snow in the Desert!

Yes, yesterday it snowed in the Desert! Not at our house but just a short 45 minute drive up the 60! Remember this picture from two posts ago?
Well, here is what the mountain looked like today, only from the other side!
Zane loved it so much. He discovered that it was cold, wet and would "dissolve" in the water!
Yes, he is throwing a snowball at mommy! See it in the air on the upper right of the shot. What can I say, anything and everything gets thrown! He also got to see a snow plow and what it does. I think that it scared him a little and he commented that it broke the snow! He would also keep telling me that he was cold and then when I asked if he wanted to go to the car of course that was a no. We eventually got back in the car after this face

And just as to not confuse anyone, here are some tell tale signs of the desert:Prickly Pear!Saguaros on the Hill Side
An Agave with snow on the leaves!

I love the last three because they are all subjects that we have studied at preschool and I can help to reinforce them with Zane. The cacti he has no problem with but it has taken me two weeks to get him to identify an agave, but he has done it!

We had so much fun. On the way down the mountain he kept pointing to the mountains to the north of the highway wanting to go up there and play in that snow. How I wish we could. But we were not dress or prepared for it. I decided on the way home from preschool when I saw the snow on the mountains to head up. I love having no agendas and just being able to go. It was so much fun and will be treasured! Hoping to have snow in Denver when we go at the beginning of March. Then we will have proper attire!

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