Sunday, February 1, 2009

Chugga-Chugga Choooo Choooo!

Zane is into trains right now! David brought home a train set that is battery operated and he killed the batteries in 2 days! Well, Saturday we went to Goldfield Ghost Town and they have a 36 Gauge engine. When Zane saw the train that is all he wanted to do, even though we were there to watch some friends preform in a Blue Grass Festival. So we rode the train. It was more an educational tour on a train, so it went SLOOOOOWWWWW! And Zane kept telling it to go faster! Here are some pictures

The views are spectacular! This is the Superstition Mountains

Looking at the train from below the Church of MountZane in front of the Engine

Now my favorite. When we did meet up with our friends, three boys and a girl (of the ones who are walking) So poor Zoe is very out numbered! However, I think she was holding her own. Just wait till we teach the boys that cooties do not live in temperatures above 115 degrees!

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