Saturday, February 7, 2009

Not much to report

Zane and I have been enjoying the amazing weather this week. We have gotten into the swing of preschool and Zane is loving it again. This week we learned about humming birds. His favorite things was making the "nest" and the "humming bird". The "nest" is just scraps of different things that birds can use to make their own nest. It was in mess and we hung it from the tree that gets all the red winged blackbirds. He thinks the birds will eat the stuff. The humming bird is just a bending straw with a finger of a glove over the bend and then feathers and google eyes. He can fly it around just like a humming bird!

I actually learned a lot about humming birds that I did not know. The one I found most interesting was that they need spider webs to build their nests or the nest will not stay together! Also it is the female who does all the work in raising the young.

We had Moms to Moms where we were reminded of God's grace in our mothering. She used Psalms 127 and 128 to remind us that our children are gifts from God, a heritage from the Lord, a reward and that if we do anything without trusting in the Lord we are doing it in vain. How awesome that raising children and building a house and guarding a city are in the same passage. As moms we will likely fall into two groups, overwhelmed or over confident. I think many of us do both. Both are sins and in both we need to refocus all our actions back to God. I am so thankful that we do nothing without him!

Zane and I have spent many days at the park and outside. I keep forgetting that it is just Feb. They are saying that it will get cold again this weekend. We are hoping for rain. Zane and I love going and playing out in the rain! It is such a treat here in the desert.

We were also blessed to see Uncle Bob, his Grandma's brother. He is visiting from Canada. It was so nice to see him again. Next time he needs to bring his wife;)

We have a play day this week which will have a post. I have been looking forward to this play day for a while and can't wait to see the pictures that we get. It is also a great opportunity to teach Zane more about the nature here in the desert and how to treat it the way God has instructed (a post for another time). Along the lines of teaching our children about nature, there is an author that I love, Jennifer Ward. She has written some great children's books like Way out in the Desert, Somewhere in the Ocean, Forest Bright Forest Night, There was a Coyote that Swallowed a Flea, The Seed and the Giant Saguaro and many more. The pictures are very interactive and leads to the next page or something else in the story. Plus the stories are very catchy and rhyme or go with a song that we know.

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