Friday, February 13, 2009

Scavenger Hunt Play Day!

This was so much fun, even if we had to leave early because of discipline issues, but someday he will learn. On top of the fact that we were outside and at one of our FAVORITE spots, we were able to capture everything on film. This play day was a special photo scavenger hunt. Our family went and got the clues earlier and then sent them to everyone. We then took a nature hike through the Riparian Area and took pictures of the answers to the clues. I made sure that Zane was in each picture. Now, we did not get to finish, because of disobedience, but we still had fun and I know that I have to follow through and stay consistent and not just give in because I want to have fun, which believe me I did! Come on, it is time with other moms while the kids are playing and we can talk to someone who is our age!

So here were our clues

1. Find a Brown "house" with a green roof. There is a little house on top. Get a picture with your child(ren) so the "Riparian Area" is in the photo.

2. Walk a ways and find a place where you can look at the sky at night.
A rare treat, the Observatory was open and we got to see the telescope! Can't wait to go when it is night!

3. Before you cross a cement foot bridge that takes you across a dry creek, there is a large Palo Verde Tree. Get a picture with the kids on the rock under the tree.
This is my favorite place to go even in the summer when it is 115 outside. Cool, shade, and peaceful.

4. Follow the paved path until you could go through a gate (off to the left). There is a wonderful sculpted gate with Herons on it. Get a picture of the gate with the herons, make sure the kids are in it.

5. All around there are places where the rangers have tried to make homes for burrowing owls. Find one and take a picture with the kids next to it. Just don't put your hands in the holes!

A way to show Zane how to build a habitat for endangered animals and how desert animals survive the heat.

6. Make sure to always go left at the forks. This will take you around a lake. You will see a sign that tells you how to protect the habitat and wildlife. This is a good picture and will help us to remember to stay on the trails.

7. There will be another gate to go through. This one has sculptures of hawks. Get another picture here to finish off the hike.

8. Too the right you will see a little shelter where you can grind mesquite pods into flour with rocks. A great opportunity for your kids to be like the Native Americans.

9. There is a prickly pear forest with Saguaro in it. To remember the Arizona Desert, get a photo with your kids, prickly pears, and a Saguaro. Could be a Christmas Card.

10. Before you go and be archaeologists, there is one more place to go. There are walls to climb and shapes to see. Find a triangle and peek through, make sure to snap a shot.

This was not hard to do, even though my husband wanted to make it complicated, maybe when they are older and figuring out the clues themselves! We were able to weave some of what we are learning about in preschool into this adventure and also teach how to respect God's creation. There are so many cool birds that visit and it is so peaceful.

These next pictures speak for themselves. I just had to post them. Enjoy the laugh!

I figure they needed to get cleaned also.


Heather said...

part 1 - this was so very fun! Isn't it great to be able to get outside and enjoy God's wonderful creation!

Heather said...

part 2 - ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww... ;)

zanesmommy said...

I love any time I am seeing how God has knit EVERYTHING together. It is even better when we can enjoy it with wonderful friends!