Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Special Visitor

We had a very special visitor this week. My Great Aunt Mary, Zane's Great-Great Aunt Mary. Her and I share a very special day, our birthdays, she always has remembered mine and that has been very fun. However, with her living in Springfield, IL we rarely saw each other. I remember going there as a kid and her yard was so large and that she had chickens that we got to care for. Which I loved. The last time I saw her was at my cousin's wedding, her grandson. So this is a very special treat. I love seeing Zane interact with family, especially ones that can teach him so much. I missed the hug, but as they were leaving he went to her and gave her the sweetest hug.
Zane with his Great Granny, Aunt Mary's sister

We are taking a lot of trips to see family this year. Zane has many Great Grandparents still and it has been a while since he has seen most of them. My Granny and Granddaddy live in AZ and I get to see them more often, so Zane has gotten to see them. But Granddad Easy and Grandma Doris live in Kansas and we have not been there since Feb. of 2007. Zane and I will be there the beginning of March. David's Grandpa and Grandma are in Indiana. We have not been there since June of 2006. So we are heading there in May. I am excited to see them. All Zane will care about will be going on an airplane. David and I have already talked about what we can do in Indiana. I can't wait to go exploring in the woods and catch fireflies with Zane. He is going to love it!

On another, family note, we are going to the Renaissance Festival tomorrow! This was one of our favorite things to do, pre-Zane. Even though David and I don't have costumes, Zane will have a crown that I made him today. For instructions go here and follow Heather's links. I also have the cape from Christmas. I am hoping he will wear them, but not holding my breathe. Can't wait for a fun day of merry making and laughing!

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Heather said...

LOVE the crown!!!!!