Monday, January 19, 2009

Not Me Monday!!!!

.....So after a break, for obvious reasons (Micah's Birthday) I am back doing not me's! So why not join the blog carnival and see how normal we all are

To start with I did not tell my hubby that he is a pushover and that is the only reason that Z-man asks for him in the middle of the night! Z-man would never manipulate daddy like that (so he can sleep in our bed.)

I am not in total shock that the ARIZONA CARDINALS ARE GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL! They could never pull something like that off! But they did. Could this be the year for the Cubs?

I have not been letting Z-man run around outside in just underwear this week. No we are freezing and can drive out on the ice just like MckMamma. No we are not hitting record highs and I am not wearing tank tops and shorts. My legs are not white.

I have not enjoyed giving full responsibility to daddy of Z-man the last couple of days so I can spend time on the computer.

I do not have a child who liked veggies as a baby (the same veggies I serve him today) who will not eat them. We did not spend 12 hours trying to get said child to eat ONE BITE of carrot. When he did he surly would not gag on it! No he loves his veggies. I am in no way tempted to take said veggies and puree it like baby food to see if said child might eat them.

I am in no way sure if there are more, for I have the perfect memory and remember everything that has gone on!

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