Tuesday, January 20, 2009


After a talk with Zane today, I may never have to see this happen. Remember the picture of him with a very beautiful girl. Or this happening
You see, he has this thing where he will only go to the bathroom outside if he is playing outside. Today it happened twice in one afternoon.

Our conversations have been like this

Mom: "Where are you suppose to go pee?"

Zane: "In the POOOTTTYYY!"

Mom: "Where did you go?"

Zane: "Outside" or whatever it was he peed on. Today it was the compost screen and the slide. Why the slide, because I had washed the dogs pee off of it just moments before and he had to mark his territory! He then proceeded to put sand down the slide so I may be persuaded to let him wash it off. Which I do believe is his ploy to spray me yet again.

I then remembered how his friend is very excited to marry, even at four. So much so that he has his bride picked out! So I tried that line of reasoning. Here is how it went:

Mom: "Do you want to have girls as your friends?"

Zane: "No"

Mom: "Do you want to be like Daddy and have live with someone like Mommy?"

Zane: "No"

Mom: "So you want to be single and live by yourself?"

Zane: "Yes!"

Oh if we could all follow in Paul's footprints and stay single. I guess we have just a few years to see what the outcome of this conversation will take. I also think that I will need to figure out some other way to reason Zane into going inside to use the potty!

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boltefamily said...

Too funny! Boys sure do keep you on your toes!