Monday, January 12, 2009

Our Celebration

Micah's Corner of the Yard

Today started with Zane sleeping in!!!!! If you consider 7:30 sleeping in. We then had waffles. After I got back from my session with my counselor, which has help to affirm that I am doing well and that this is the worst year I will ever have, we did something that I have never done, in Arizona. We rode public transportation. Our Light Rail System opened just after Christmas and because I got Jury duty I got a free pass, which we talked about and I will probably not use, because of where we live, so it cost $2.50 for the three of us to have an all day pass.

On the Light Rail We wanted to go to the Zoo, but I got a little confused about what bus to take, so we went to the Arizona Mills Mall and had lunch at Rainforest Cafe, another first for Zane! Needless to say he loved it! By the end he got scared of the thunderstorm and Jaguar, but it was after nap time.

Zane and Daddy at Rainforest CafeWe then headed back. Once home we were surprised by two flower deliveries. Zane also remembered the Memory Cakes and had to have them. So we went out by Micah's Tree and sang "Happy Birthday" to Micah. Zane was able to blow out his candle and thoroughly enjoyed is Memory Cake.

Micah with the Memory Cakes and his Tree
Zane enjoying his Memory Cake
I am making it through as is David. Thank you to all for your prayers today. We did feel them, even if I have been on edge because everything did not go exactly as I wanted them to. But God had other plans. We did have a good time and today's events may become what we do on Micah's birthday.


LucieP said...

just thinking about ya'll.

Happy Four said...

Your post is beautiful. It brings a flood of emotions over me and I know I can't even fathom how the day must have been for you and David. Christine, you continue to be in my thoughts and prayers dear one. I am blessed to have met you when we lived in Arizona and thank you for opening your heart on your blog.