Saturday, October 20, 2012

Neon Splash Dash in Photos

My little Duckie, 80's hairstyle

Pre-race picture with our shirts

Pre-race, all clean

Getting ready

Finish line from the start line

Start line

Waiting to start

First glow station

Spray at the glow station

One of my runner/students was there! (Taught her in 7th, 8th and was her coach in 9th!)

After 2 glow stations

after 2 glow stations under the black light

Last glow station

FULL SLIDE!!!  (Look at the pointing ;)

And Marissa got him better!

All Done!

Hair under black light

Eyes got it too

Date night to remember

The Three of us!  Marissa was such a HUGE help keeping Zane in sight!

You will do it next year!

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