Monday, October 22, 2012

Someone is Two!

Oh little man, how did the last two years go so fast!

Such a precious boy!  So much hair and my biggest baby.  You  grew so much in the first year.

And then at two!  You love to play with your Daddy and Brother.  It does not matter what, as long as your brother likes it you like it.  Rubber band fights, guns, fireworks, jumping on the tramp, not eating your dinner, screeching, climbing trees and so much more.  In fact, today I almost had to take you to the ER because you were trying to do stuff your brother was and fell and hit your head on the paver stone corner cutting your head open.  Your favorite book is 10 Fat Turkeys.  You love watching Wild Krats and Word World, and you love being outside.  

Here is our two year old who is 34.5 inches tall and 24.5 lbs.  I was very surprised that the height was 70%!  Weight, that was 15% (which was not a surprise and it is up from where he was)!

Happy Second Birthday Cody!

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