Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fall Fun

We have started the fall fun!  Birthdays, Pumpkin Patches, and being able to be outside.  Yesterday we finally got back to the Botanical Gardens (first time since June!)  The Monarch Butterflies are there!  Both boys were landed on and thanks to one of the volunteers we got this picture
Tonight we head to Schnepf Farms! (Last Year).  Then we will go to the Botanical Gardens Pumpkin Festival on the 27th!  Cody will have his second birthday and party next weekend and Zane and I are running in the Neon Splash Dash on the 20th!  Don't know if I mentioned or not, but I did my second half marathon on Oct. 6.  It was the same race I did in February, but they did change the course, I think they made it harder!  Well, I finished it in 2 hours 49 minutes and 39 seconds!!!!  Here are the official results.  I did not come in last and I was better than 15% of the runners for my sex, age, and overall!  I did change one thing, I ran the race with music.  I don't train that way because I need to hear what is going on around me, but after the first one, my mind would be really mean to me, so I decided to try the music with the race, it did make a difference and I did not feel like giving up as bad.  However, mile 10 they added a KILLER hill!  I did walk up it (along with almost everyone else).  It was fun, and a great little escape.  Now I am training for the complete marathon.  March 2, 2013!  I am doing this in honor of Micah's 5th birthday (a couple months late) and will be raising money for Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep 
I am going to be doing a pledge of $1 per mile.  If I run the entire race (which is my plan) that will be $26.20.  I am hoping to raise $500 for them.

So craziness continues!  Getting the camera charged for tonight! And enjoying to freak rain we have had this morning, along with being able to have the house open!

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