Friday, October 14, 2011

Schnepf Farms

So last night we took a family fun night to the Schnepf Farm Pumpkin and Chili Festival .
This was the first time we have taken the boys to this. We have been there to pick peaches and apricots, yummy!, but never this. David and I have done it pre-children. Well, we risked the late night and went. So glad we did too! (However, ask me again at the end of today about attitudes).

My boys among Pumpkins and Hay Bales

Cody is just too cute (had one of Zane but the pumpkins were in focus, not him :()

I think one of the things I will remember most is that I got to FINALLY do a fun ride with Zane that was a first. David has always been the one to take Zane down the water slides and stuff because it seems that I have been pregnant or with a very small baby. Well, I got to take Zane on his first roller coaster! So fun. He enjoyed it but said it gave him a heart attack!
They also have cool corn mazes that we ventured into as a family. I think we will start to have more fun with this as the boys get older and we can hide and scare each other! I must say I love when it works out that there is a family that is taking pictures (one is always missing from the shot) and you ask if you can take their family picture and then get the favor returned! We don't have enough family photos of the family fun nights. Thank you to the kind family who took this!
Zane in his first corn maze
Daddy and Zane "hiding". The smokey effect is just dust
Yes, I look like I am backing away, but that is so Cody is not blocked. Way too cute!
Zane rode the bumble bee spin ride all by himself and we finally figured out how to get it to go up and down. He then figured out that if you jerk on the handle bar it makes you go up and down jerky.
The goats would jump on him to get food. Just like Leroy does when we get home.
There were bicycles that could hold a family. We did not know that the seats were adjustable til the end. But David and Zane went on them!

We also watched pig racing, played putt-putt golf, and launched "pumpkins", OK tennis balls. Along with many other things. It was so much fun and a wonderful night. Can't wait to do it again next year!

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