Sunday, September 2, 2012

So we can have it again!

I don't really follow recipes when I make stuff.  A great example was my Baja Chicken Enchiladas.  I blended cream cheese, can of diced jalapenos and diced green chillies.  Then boiled and shredded some chicken.  Mixed about half of the cream cheese mix with the chicken and rolled into tortillas.  Poured the rest of the mixture on top.  Sprinkled with shredded cheese and baked at 350 for about 30 minutes.  THIS WAS AWESOME!!!  At least for the adults (a little spicy for the kids, who would not even try it!)  Notice there are no amounts.  Yeah, that is how I roll!

So this afternoon, when I went to get stuff out to prep for dinner, I noticed that hubby had used the russet potatoes that we were going to have for dinner for breakfast, instead of the red potatoes that were for breakfast.  Which meant that I had to change what type of potato we were going to have.  (And needed to have the ingredients!)  So I went to All Recipes (because I get ideas there) and typed in scalloped potatoes.  I am not a fan of making them, but love to eat them.  I looked at a few recipes, printed one up (which I did not use except for the temp and cooking time) and went from there.

I peeled and sliced 5 red potatoes (thinly using my papered chef cut your fingernail off tool).
In a blender mixed cream cheese, sour cream and minced garlic and a splash of milk (the broth I had was too old!)  I also added seasonings (salt, pepper, onion...cayenne would have been good too).  I then poured this mixture over the potatoes and covered them.  "Spread" them out in a 13X9 baking dish and then covered with cheese (should have waited till potatoes were soft about 30 minutes before adding the cheese).  Then bake 15 more minutes with cheese on to make it nice and crispy!

Again, no measurements, just what looks good for your family's taste.  And Honey, now I can try and make it again!!!!

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