Saturday, August 11, 2012

Catching Up

So time off of school is over but summer is far from over, as this week has been the hottest by far (116 to 118 when I have been picking Zane up from school!)  However, school has started and I have a first grader!
Zane's First Day of First Grade

With his baby brother!

With Zane having half days on Friday, I am going to try and make them the times that Cody and I go out for an adventure.  So we dropped off Zane and headed towards the Children's Museum of Phoenix!  The next week (yesterday) I took Cody to Grandma and Grandpa's and then picked Zane up and took him.  I was able to have a fun date with each of them!

Ball Room

Shopping and crash carts

Sliding with a new friend

LOUD Washer game

Wind tunnel

More ball room activities

Still one of Zane's favorites

Zane in the ball room

Noodle Forest (wanted to get one of Cody here, but I kept loosing him in here~)

Today, Zane was able to go with daddy on the Wildman Phil Lizard Walk at Boyce Thompson Arboretum.  Remember back in June I took the boys (temperatures were at least 20 degrees lower) and Zane loved it (so did I).  Today, I would have not liked it as well, because it was so hot and it would have been too hot for Cody.  So I got to stay home with Cody and clean the bathroom.  But David and Zane were treated to some AMAZING animals (up close and personal).  Not only did they get the "normal" tree lizard, spiney lizard, earless lizard, and whiptail lizard.  They also were treated to:

Western Diamondback Rattler
Let the EXPERT handle him and from a distance watch!

YES THIS SIGN IS TRUE!!!!!  But don't let it scare you away from this beautiful place

Another treat!  A tarantula!
That's My Boy!!!!

That is a big spider!

Gila Monster on Left, Chuckwalla on Right
 On my trip to the museum with Cody, I heard some moms talking about making popsicles and my ears perked up because I am always looking for healthy ways to let my boys have some yummy treats.  She was saying how she pureed watermelon and made the juice into popsicles!!!   Did not have watermelon but did have a cantaloupe!!!

What do you think?  Did they enjoy them?

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