Saturday, September 15, 2012

Cody's Time with the Tortoises

Today was Cody's first time to have Breakfast with the Tortoises!  It took me back to Zane's first time doing the breakfast.  Did not really know what to do about it, but soaked it all in!

Starting to Learn about Turtles and Tortoises

Miss Melissa showing how to feed

Feeding two

Low Dome, we woke him when we went and pet him

Awake and "chasing" Cody because of his orange romper


I want to see if he eats


So reminds me of a dinosaur.  But just has an itch

Was more interested in climbing the rocks

With Miss Allie being a mommy turtle!


Ralph the Galapagos.  He is between 90 and 110 years old.  He is the father of the new Baby Galapagos, who is about the size of the palm of your hand at a month old.

They saw us and started "running" for food!

Cody's first Carousel Ride with Grammie

Zane on the Sea Horse

Love this picture, you can see Zane in the mirror

Hi Buddy!

My Pearls in the Making

Zane the Turtle

Two Headed Turtle

Cody the Turtle

As you can tell we had a blast.  While Cody was learning about the tortoises Zane was spending time with Grammie.  We were also able to see the Baby Flamingos and Baby Galapagos (could not get a good picture through two layers of glass).  There were three little grey fuzz balls with legs.  They were so cute.

The little white fuzz in the center is the baby.  This was the smallest of the three.  We watched it get into the nest and then the mommy sat on it for nap time.

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Sara Marie said...

Fun, fun! But C is definitely too big now. Where's the sweet baby I cuddled with?