Saturday, December 10, 2011

Been Awhile

Well, we have gotten through the birthdays and Thanksgiving and are all ready for Christmas (at least the house is decorated). I have been training for my first half marathon that I will be running in on Feb. 25th! I have a couple of shorter races before. Today I ran Sally's Run. It was amazing! This is the first race to honor this amazing runner and athlete who was killed earlier this year. They were not expecting but 500 participants, there were 1000+!!!! Shows how special Sally was to the community. Please pray for her family as this is the first Christmas without her.

My next race is a 10K, London's Run. This is the end of January and will be my first ever 10K race! Then on Feb 25th I will be doing The Arizona Half Marathon. I must say that it is starting to freak me out a little that I have done this. I am nervous that I will not finish under their 4 hour time limit or will not be able to finish. But I am determined. I have paid for the races so I will do them and not waste the money. Plus there is an added bonus, since I have started running again, end of Sept. beginning of Oct., I have dropped 2 pant sizes!!!!! One more and I will have to go shopping~

As for the boys. They are keeping me so busy. Cody likes to explore and get into everything. We have to keep the bathroom doors closed or he will go and play in the toilets (YUCK)! He is trying to run and is walking so well. My baby is a toddler. He is also jabbering to us expecting us to understand. It is so sweet and cute, can't wait to actually understand what he is saying, especially to his brother.

Speaking of his brother. Zane was able to do another Critter Keeper at the Zoo. This one was the Arizona Trail. He got to make behavioral enrichment for the Coati and then went into the Pronghorn exhibit and cleaned, feed, made behavioral enrichment, and checked the safety of the exhibit. All the time the female pronghorn were in with them! He was also taken to the Animal Hospital at the Zoo, which I don't even know where it is. He got to "meet" the new male lion, the porcupine and see where the vets help the animals.
We also went to the opening of A Cowboy Christmas at Rawhide. We went on a cold, wet, windy night. But we still had fun and were able to do everything before the rain really started and closed it down. Santa was not there that night and David did not get to spend much time at the Blacksmith's but that just means we will need to go back.

The new timeout chair!?!?!

The Boys favorite activity

Not something I would have been doing on such a cold night, but Zane loves to find the "Gold"

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, we were fortunate enough to get David's parents, and his sister's family together for family photos (which have been long overdue). We had the pictures taken by Tara D. Photography, who also took our maternity and newborn pictures fall of 2010! They turned out so beautiful, it was so hard to choose!

Well, if I don't get back on here til after Christmas, may you all have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Sara Marie said...

LOVE the pic of C! So adorable! Miss you guys!