Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Party!!!

We always start off the kids birthdays by filling their bedroom with balloons. Zane loves this, in fact he asked when the balloons were going to come in his bedroom!
His party started at the park behind our house where the kids played while everyone showed up. Then we ate lunch and had cake. As you can see Zane was so excited to blow out the candles. However, in this position he managed to get all six out!?!?
David wanted to do an egg toss! So we did. A good old fashion egg toss!

Poor "E" got all egged. Mommy and Cody did too when Daddy smashed the last egg on my back and it exploded into Cody's face.
We then took the short walk home and all the kids instantly went on the tramp. Which after two years in our Arizona Sun finally had to be replaced last week!
Then the fun started. The kids all got to dig in the mud pit for treasure, plastic snakes, frogs, and the decorative glass stones. The girls were really into this one!

The next one was very much changed from what I originally envisioned. What I wanted was the kids to climb the ladder with a water balloon filled with paint and throw it down on the paper to make a cool effect. Well, I got grenade balloons (which don't break as easily as the colored ones). So the boys changed this from climbing up on the ladder, to staying on the ground and smashing them on the ground, with a bat, or twisting in their hands. The paint was not that vivid, but you could see where they burst open.We had two mud tunnels and a stomping mud pit. The boys especially loved the mud pit!

Another art obstacle, which I will change in the future, is squirt gun painting. I think that food coloring would work better. Plus, I will need to find a higher quality of gun. You would think that in Arizona you would be able to find squirt guns year round (NOT)! But the boys of course loved squirting a person! As usual, the fly swat painting was a hit. It starts out so cool then they all get into it and the finished product is very interesting colors.
Three of the boys, Zane was one of them, and the moms' favorite one was Paintball Slingshot painting. It is such a great way to get aggression out, plus it is down right fun!
We were all very surprised at how clean the kids were. But you could tell they all had fun and did not want to leave! Thank you all for making such a great birthday for Zane!

That night we did our traditional Zoo Lights trip with the family. I did not take pictures this year because the ones of people never show up very well. But I could not resist getting a video of Zane and Aunt Annetta racing down the Polar Slide!

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