Saturday, October 29, 2011

Yet another Football Post, Game 8 vs. Jags

Again, we spent our Sat. morning at the football fields. The boys tried some new plays, like a shotgun offense. But could tell that they enjoyed themselves. I thought that this was the last week, but silly mommy, there is still the tournament! But here are some of the pictures that I got from the game.

Ready to play football!

Focused on getting flags!

Getting the fakes!

Playing Center

First teammate to congratulate on the TD!

Parent Tunnel!

I had never heard of a parent tunnel until I started Zane in soccer last spring. I love this! In all of my years of sports in Colorado, never once did we do this. The kids LOVE it and run through it many times! Such a great way for the parents and other fans to show support to the kids.

Of course, need to show the Baby! So here is Cody playing football!

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