Friday, November 11, 2011

Amazing Bugs!

On this Veterans Day, as we are remembering all of our Heroes who protect our freedoms and why we get to protest, speak our mind, vote, worship the way we believe (not what a government says you will) and for me and my boys, go were we want when we want! Well, we went back to the Desert Botanical Gardens. I was torn between three choices: The Botanical Gardens, Zoo or Veterans Day Parade. I decided that seeing as how I was by my self a parade may be dangerous, with school out the Zoo too crowded for our liking, which left the Gardens! We definitely made the right choose!!!! I had thought that the butterflies were gone because it is mid-November and I thought that they left at the end of October! Well, I was wrong! They were calm today because it was cloudy and beautiful and cool. I also wanted to go back so we could have a more peaceful look at the Amazing Bugs that are on display.

Look close, you will see the ants walking down the anthill

Assassin Bug
Daddy Long-legs and perspective of how big these sculptures are

Dragonfly, which may have been in a previous postLady Bug in the Herb garden

Preying Mantis, which was in a previous post
Spider in a Web
Now some ones of my boys having fun and what they discovered!

Look in the center, you will see two eyes and some green within the algae, it is a American Bullfrog!

Mocking bird, in the center of picture

Humming Bird
Curved Bill Thrasher

Most enjoyable part of the trip!

On the Sunday before Halloween, Zane's AWANAS group had crazy hair day! This is how he had his hair done and won the award for Most Enjoyable!

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