Sunday, October 23, 2011

Cody's First Birthday

So, Cody's birthday celebration ended up lasting a week. We started with a, it has been too long since we have been, trip to the Zoo! Where Cody had his first experience touching a reptile.
This was one of my favorite pictures of the day of my two boys. We were by the Big Horn Sheep statue.
Then as we were on our way out past the Orangutans, we saw Dutchess, the mom, climb up to the roof of their new enclosure. She then proceeded to poop from the roof. Of course Zane LOVED this!
On Tuesday we had a play date with some of my MOMS group. We had our own pumpkin festival. I was pleasantly surprised that there was another little girl there with the same birthday as Cody! So we sang Happy Birthday to them both and enjoyed cookies and painting pumpkins.
My boys enjoying their cookies

Cody playing with Tori

My boys swinging
The First Birthday Stars
Then on Wednesday we made a special trip to PPA, the doctors office that I went to while I was pregnant with Cody, to see Dr. Mills. I consider Dr Mills as the one who was my doctor for Zane because during the week that I was hospitalized he was the one who was on call the most. In fact he would have caught Zane if I had him two hours earlier. Am so thankful for this man and his love and care for me. While I was laboring with Cody, I felt like I was the only person that mattered. Such a wonderful doctor. So sad that you have to be high risk to have him.
Then on Saturday we did a last minute change of plans. I did not feel like cooking and we needed to do something for Cody, so we decided to have Olive Garden takeout. We would have eaten there, but I don't think they would have enjoyed a naked baby eating spaghetti, especially with all the homecoming dates that were there. We had the same meal for Zane's first birthday, only I made it.

Zane's First birthday Spaghetti

Cody taking his first bite
Then he got the breadstick and did not go back to the spaghetti

After dinner we headed to Baskin Robbins for Cody's free ice cream scoop. I got him vanilla. HE LOVED IT! In fact we have the following video to prove it

Yes, he really liked his ice cream! but really thinks he gets it honestly, mommy does too. Now I could not post pictures without showing Zane eating his first Ice Cream Cone.

On Sunday, today, we had Cody's First Birthday Party. Ember and Hagen joined us, with their mommy and daddy and the boys Nana. We went to the Pumpkin Festival at the Desert Botanical Gardens. We have done this every year for the last 4 years, the last three have been with Ember and Lisa. However, I did not get to go last year, but David and Zane did, because I was lying in a hospital bed waiting for this little clown to be born!

Zane choose the material for his costume!
Our Family Oct. 2011
This was our Family in Oct. 2006. Had to do the Clowns for 2011!
We then got out of our costumes, very quickly because it is still so hot~, and went back to the pumpkin patch via a hay ride!

Ember, Zane, Hagen, and Cody waiting to enter the Hay Maze

The Breuer Family!

The Kids in the Pumpkin PatchOur Family in the Pumpkin Patch
Our Pumpkin!
Best friends!
My boys with the MASSIVE pumpkin that Zane had to have!
Zane has no idea I was taking the following video. Love how he was driving to the music. Really hope this is not how he drives in 10 years (only 10 more years til he is driving~)

We then proceeded into the gardens. We were greeted by this AMAZING praying mantis. There is a new exhibit which is all these giant bugs that are made of natural materials, like wood and willows. I have to go back when it is not so hot and crowded to get more time with the bugs.

We headed to the Monarch Butterfly Exhibit where we watched the butterflies eat and sun themselves.

Zane and Ember watching a butterfly

Finally we stopped and sang Happy Birthday to Cody and Cody was able to enjoy his first cupcake! He loved this too!

After all this we came home and ate lunch. Cody then took (is still taking) a very long nap!

Happy Birthday Dear Cody! Hope you can look back on these pictures and know how much we love you and how special you are!

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