Thursday, June 9, 2011

Super Crazy and Busy

I thought that when school ended we would slow down and I could get Cody on more of a schedule and spend some time with Zane one-on-one. Yeah, that is pretty funny!

I seam to be more busy now than when school was in session. Between doing all the appointments that a doctor wants us to do in three months. Oh and we have not even started swim lessons yet, those start Monday!

One of the things that the doctor wanted us to do is get Zane into Karate. Which we did and he is doing much better than the time that we had him in with daddy when he was 3ish or so. He loves to go and stays focused for the most part. He is also having his first fund raiser which is for St. Jude Children's Hospital which is a kick-a-thon! I can't tell if he is excited or frustrated about it. I know he will have fun once he sees what it is about and sees that his last kick is a board that he gets to break. I am excited for this.

We are also doing the Harkins Summer Movie Fun again. Cody falls asleep during the movie and Zane is not wanting to go home after 5 minutes like last year!

As for Cody, we are working on the top two teeth. It has not been fun. He is totally sitting up for minutes, not just seconds (which I don't count) and loves to be outside, surprised?. I can't believe that he is almost 8 months old already.

So that is just a quick little check in. Hope to have pictures and update on how many kicks Zane had to do on Sat. next week.

We have been very blessed so far as it has not been that hot yet. I am so not complaining because it has been nice to be able to be outside this far into June in the afternoons. Just hoping that the pool is not too cold come Monday when swim lessons start. Cody will not like the cold water! I don't think Zane will either. This is why I quit doing first session on the lessons.

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