Friday, May 13, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend

We were so lucky in that David got to have Saturday off! This is VERY rare. So we decided to go camping. It did not go as planned but that is a whole different story. This was the first time Zane and Cody went tent camping. We were planning on staying up Sat and Sun nights. But we have been experiencing some very cool weather in Arizona this May. It was a little cold Sat. night but we made it through, thanks to being able to have a fire. Well, Sunday there were high winds and the red flag went up. So there was no warming up by the fire. There were still some firsts! Like Zane caught his first Rainbow Trout!

Cody was all smiles and enjoyed being outside!

And it was beautiful and I was able to hear the wind through the pine trees again. Something that I took for granted growing up but totally miss now.

Before we went up Zane got to show Daddy why we love the Breakfasts at the Zoo! Daddy and Zane were able to go into the elephant exhibit and hide cookies all around. Needless to say my boys almost fell in the "pond" because David thought that the ball was inmovable. But they stayed dry!We also saw a perfect elephant foot print! Here is Zane's hand inside of the print! It is amazing how big these creatures are!

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