Friday, April 22, 2011

Big Horn Breakfast

So I signed up for this breakfast more for me than Zane. See, with a degree in Wildlife Biology I spent a lot of time studying Big Horn Sheep. One of my professors was a lead researcher of Rocky Mountain Big Horn. So when this breakfast was made known to me, I jumped on it. It was so much fun to go back towards the handlers entrance and get right up to the sheep. The male, Truman, is magnificent! He is very protective also. He was even more so today. For there were two babies born this week, one on Monday and one on Tuesday. They did not come down and neither did their moms but we were able to see them when we were at the breakfast part. It is amazing to see these little babies hopping around on the mountain cliffs so effortlessly.

One thing that the keeper was very clear on was that we were not to go near the gate and not to make loud noises because Truman would charge and ram the fence. I forgot that Big Horns can ram going at 35 mph! Imagine the force behind the hit.

Zane feeding Truman

Being shown a Big Horn Skull and able to see that the horns are connected by bone

My Boys at the Zoo!

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