Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Renaissance Festival 2011

I have been looking forward to the Renaissance Festival for a long time. I love watching Zane there and how much fun he has there. It was a new experience taking a baby, but Cody did amazing. In fact he was able to "hold" Maggie the Goose! I don't think he was too sure of it, but Zane loved it as always. Zane also showed his love for the Greyhounds.

Zane was also able to do a lot of rides and get worn out!

I was able to get my ring! Two years ago I got a ring that had Micah's birthstone. I then pierced my nose and had Zane's birthstone for that, but the nose ring did not work for me. So I knew that I wanted have to replace it with a ring. Well, then we got pregnant and had beautiful Cody! Which means that I needed to get two rings or a ring with both their stones. The Jeweler that made Micah's ring is also making Zane and Cody's ring. Both stones are going to be on the same ring! I am so excited. Micah's ring is this one only with a garnet. There is not a picture of Zane and Cody's but when it comes in 3 months (he has to make it) I will show you.

The only disadvantage about going to The Festival with kids is that you don't get to go to as many shows. However, we went to Wylde Men (the mud show) heard the last of Three Men and Lots of Drums, and at lunch we listened to Tartanic. So much fun, perfect day, especially with it being the end of March in Phoenix, and so many memories made. I must say that I love this family outing every year.

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