Friday, March 18, 2011

Butterflies Spring 2011 Edition

With Nana coming today, but not until almost the time that Daddy gets home, I needed something to get Zane to not ask me "When will Nana be here?" It started at 6:30 yesterday morning when waiting for his friend to come at 9:30. Did not want a replay. I knew that the Zoo would be a zoo today, gorgeous day and spring break, so I opted for the Botanical Gardens. We got there and the lot was really full. I forgot that it was the Plant Sale, happens once in spring and once in fall. But we went in anyway. I love that Zane has been there so much that I don't have to remind him constantly of the rules.

This is how well he know the Gardens. There is a scavenger hunt that the kids can do, one is plant and the other animals, he had found all nine of the objects before we get to the Succulent garden, which is only about 200 feet into the garden. In fact he found most of them while we were sitting reading the clues!

We then headed to the Butterflies. I have learned that he will not leave until he has at least one land on him. He has learned that if he holds his hand out in the sun on a rock or ground they will come up on his hand. He then had one land on his head and he exclaimed that it was tickling his brain! Love that kid!

It was then time for Cody to eat and I went to one of my favorite spots there. So peaceful and cool, even when it is 100+ there. After a little snack I was able to get these amazing pictures of my little boys.

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Justina said...

sounds like a wonderful morning! i LOVE the pictures of the boys. :)