Thursday, September 16, 2010


This week has been a week of many challenges. First, was some confusion at our appointment on Monday. I thought that I was suppose to have the OB visit along with a non-stress test. Well, no OB visit was scheduled (which I like having with David) and the non-stress test was not what I knew non-stress tests to be, it was a biophysical profile. Totally different, and much cooler! For those who don't know, a biophysical profile is an ultrasound that looks for four things: practice breathing, tone, movement, and fluid levels. The baby has 30 minutes to accomplish all four things. Every time one is done two points are given. Well, I am getting two of these BPPs every week for the rest of the pregnancy. On Monday, we had trouble getting baby to move, but Baby did! Today, along with the BPP I also had a growth ultra sound, I was in and out in less than 20 minutes!!! Baby ROCKED the BPP and measured 47%ile weighing in at 3 lbs 11 oz. (will get to this later).

On Monday night I went in to check on Zane (like I do before I go to bed every night) and he was burning up~ That is right, FEVER! No school on Tues for him and no MOMS for me:( Well I was up about three times with Zane that night, along with my trips to the bathroom. Of course Zane woke up felling great. However, that soon changed. His fever came back mid morning. So he was needing and whiny. That night, from about 7 to 10 I was having pain in my lower abdomen. After 10 it changed to more contraction like lasting about one minute and occurring ever three to five minutes. I called the nurse and she sent me to the hospital. This was 10:30. We took Zane with us. Luckily baby was doing well and after two shots of tributaline (sp) I was sent home about 1:30.

Thinking Zane would sleep in late in the morning I continued to sleep. How wrong I was, he woke at 8:00 and then did not take a nap~ Very tired mommy! But we got through and I have not had significant contractions since!

Back to the weight. So when the ultra sound tech told me the weight of Baby (3 lbs. 11 oz) I immediately thought of Micah. For he weighed 3 lbs 10.5 oz. I know exactly how big our Baby is right now. It is so bitter sweet. For this is where Micah stopped thriving. I am as big now as I was when I was pregnant with Micah. This is making my heart ache and miss having that special little boy in my arms. However, it looks as though my third baby is going to be my biggest! Baby is almost a pound heavier than Zane was and the same weight as Micah. Well, I will be getting the BPPs twice a week for the rest of the pregnancy and it looks like I will be having an OB appointment every week.

Crazy week. Emotional week. But God is sustaining.

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