Thursday, September 23, 2010

Already Smiling and Kissing!

Today I had another BPP. Baby did amazing! However, getting the cool ultrasound pictures have found to be difficult because of placenta placement and the cord. Today's tech took some extra time (because Baby finished before the 30 minute time frame!) and cut some of the interference out of the shot. She was able to get two really cool ones, Baby blowing a kiss and one of Baby smiling!

As for Zane. He is dong great in Preschool. He is learning so much and what I knew he had learned at home, he is starting to do without me prompting, like saying alphabet. Today for quiet time, which I thought would not happen, he called and showed me where he had set up "camp". Now he has done this before but never has he fallen asleep. I went to tell him QT was over, and this is what I found!

Yes, that is the floor with his bed, desk, and two walls which make an enclosure.

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SaraMarie said...

SO SWEET!!!! Love those photos! Jeremiah sleeps in forts in his room more often then in his bed. I fought it at first, but decided it was harmless. It makes him happy. I keep waiting for him to outgrow it, but he's almost 9....

Still praying for you and baby!