Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Photo Session!

I am not huge on getting my photo taken. But, I really wish I had more than one belly photo when I was pregnant with Zane (he just came before we even would have thought about maternity photos). Then with Micah, we did some cute home ones. This Baby we did things a little differently.

I had a wonderful friend who agreed to come all the way across the city, before a date night with her hubby, and more pregnant than I am to do take our photos. Yes, they were outside too. Unfortunately, it is still very hot at the end of September. So Tara, thank you so much! They are beautiful! Thank you also for remembering Micah.

To see some of the photos click here.

Tara will also be taking pictures of Baby once he/she arrives. Which I can't wait to see her work with our little bundle. I have loved looking at other baby sessions.

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SaraMarie said...

Great look amazing! I love the last two. Praise God at how far you and baby have come--33 weeks! YAY!