Thursday, September 2, 2010

School Bound!

So, I never thought that it would be so easy to have Zane go off to preschool (let alone send him to school). It was actually really exciting. He was not sure about it, which I then found out why, he was a little scared (which is why I think he wanted his animals, blankets, and pillow with him).
But when he got there he was escorted to his classroom and I left. When I came back to get him he was waiting with the rest of the kids and jumped in the car. Then he proceeded to tell me all about the playground. When I asked what he learned he did not remember. But he did tell me that he took his folder out and gave it to his teacher! He did remember that. He was excited about how high he climbed on the jungle gym. He also told me that he did not eat his apple sauce (not a surprise). Once home I saw a little envelop in his bag and when I opened it there were little bits of paper. Zane then told me all about how they were to cut the paper on the straight lines. He did a great job of cutting straight and I think that he added some of his own lines (the ones to make them into smaller squares).
Zane heading off to preschool!I really feel that the school we have him going to is the best fit for him! I am so excited to see Zane take off!

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