Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Big Week

This week is huge. First, Zane starts preschool tomorrow! I am ready for it. I don't think he totally understands it. So I am praying that he will love it and do well. Second, I am now in week 29. This was the week that Zane was born. It is a little surreal to know that I still have 11 weeks left in this pregnancy but also know exactly what to expect if Baby were born right now. I know how big, the devices that Baby would be on and what I would be doing in the NICU if Baby were born. I am really glad that I am not having to go through that right now.
So here is Zane just minutes after he was born. The sucker is the standard size, the diaper is a preemie (and still needed to be turned down). It does not look as though Baby will be coming anytime soon! I will be starting non-stress tests in two weeks and having them twice a week. Not looking forward to being at the doctor even more, but it will be so nice to hear this little one. The doctors are not concerned about my blood pressure (still normal for a pregnant woman) and I have not had any swelling, not even in my fingers but I still took my rings off (really don't want to have to cut them off). Baby is also very active. Baby had the hiccups on Monday when we were checking the heartbeat. So cute.

It is starting to cool off-100's instead of 110's. But the sun is rising and setting later and earlier which is cooling off the days and making the evenings so I can go out and enjoy them.

For those who do come to the blog, there is a poll going on to see what you all want us to have. It is interesting that most of you are wanting us to have a girl. We shall see!

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