Tuesday, August 17, 2010

27 Weeks!

Well, I hit 27 weeks this week. Baby is looking really good. Baby measured right on, 41% of the age. Still think that the profile looks like Zane's. I am kind of hoping for another red head. I just love red heads. There are not too many of them and they are just so cute. I have been a little nervous about my blood pressure recently. It has elevated by about five points (top and bottom) which concerns me. Luckily, I had the doctor, who I was wanting to consult with before getting pregnant again but never did, talk to me on Monday. He was very reassuring as to my numbers and let me know that during 3rd trimester my blood pressure would increase and there is nothing to be concerned about. My proteins and blood pressure are still considered normal, even if they are a little high for me. They are watching me closely and I am keeping close tabs on my body and resting when need be.

As for Zane! We had a little play date with three of his friends (who are rough and tumble also) last week. For the most part it went great. They played outside for 30 minutes, then it got too hot:( and then we moved inside. For those who have not been to our home, it is small (less than 1300 sq. ft.) They did great and stayed in Zane's rooms (yes there are two). And they became a mess! Which was fine, until Zane decided that the puzzles we had started to work on needed to be emptied into one pile. So FOUR 100 piece jigsaw puzzles were in a pile. I was not going to "fix" his choice so I put them all into a ziplock bag for the next day. We started by separating the big and little pieces (two puzzles had bigger pieces than the other two), which took one hour. I gave him the choice of which two he wanted to start with. He choose the dinosaur puzzles, which he had done before. He proceeded to separate edges and inside pieces, another 30 minutes. Then he did the edges of the puzzles, about another 30 minutes. I gave him a break for lunch (along with some get up and run around breaks that did not last long). After lunch he finished the first puzzle. I think that was about 45 minutes. It was then time for quiet time, Mommy needed a break. Afterward, he finished the second puzzle, just before Daddy got home. I think it was another 45 minutes. By this time we were both done!

I so much just wanted to do the other puzzles myself, but know that would not teach him anything. So the next day we started the process over again with the last two puzzles. It took about another four hours. These two were very similar in colors so it was not as easy for me to separate the colors for him. However, when I asked if he likes puzzles, he still says yes! When asked if he likes doing four puzzles at a time? NO! I really hope this lesson is solidified into his mind.

I did take pictures, but have not figured out how to download them onto our new computer. Just don't have patience to figure it out right now.

The other big fun is that we were able to purchase a shed, finally! My hubby and father-in-law spent yesterday, in the awful heat, putting it together. They did a wonderful job! The best part is that all the junk is out of the yard and the yard looks clean and put together. The bikes are inside instead of outside the backdoor taking up poach space. Toys are also able to "disappear"! Now, here is hoping it stays this way.

I am gearing up for our fall schedule to begin. Luckily it will start slowly. First, and one I am looking so forward to is MOMS is starting up again!!! It is very much like MOPS. I will have two weeks of it before Zane starts preschool. He goes off to school, two days a week, starting right before Labor Day. I have really mixed emotions about this, but know it will be good for him. After that I it will be time to start gearing up for Baby's arrival. We do have names picked out, for right now, but I have not started to share. It seems like every time I do, someone ends up changing his mind. So, until he is solid, mum is it. We may just wait and reveal it all on the Birth Day. We still need to talk about it.

I am very much ready for it to cool down so we can start doing things outside for more than 30 minutes, but I think I have about six more weeks.


SaraMarie said...

Reading this post just makes me smile. :) I am going to miss seeing you every week at MOMS.

gin said...

soooo glad that the shed worked out! we felt awful about the missing piece :-/ how did he make it work?

we are still praying for health and safety of baby and you. i am so glad that things are holding steady :)

love ya!!