Sunday, September 20, 2009

Not Much New Here

It is cooling off here a little, only in the low 100's today! Which is nice. The mornings are AMAZING! I have been going for walks at 6 am along the canal and it has been so beautiful, cool, birds singing and spectacular sun rises. As for life, it is busy. We are able to play outside much more which has helped greatly with behavior. Zane is the a picture of the child that Richard Louv describes in his book "Last Child in the Woods".

Zane has been obsessed with pretending to be a dog, so much so that he goes under the table at dinner, licks our legs and begs for food. He has even gone as far as lifting his leg (luckily he has not really peed!) He even plays ball like the dogs
This reminds me of an awesome e-mail that I received, which of course I do not have. But the gist is a soldier is going off to war and has to leave his beloved dog behind with instructions to the pound to not put him up for adoption unless they are contacted by his commanding officer. There is a note and three balls. The dog is adopted but the new owner does not read the note until she is ready to take him back. Once she does she realizes the sacrifices the previous owner went through. The significance of it is that the dog was ALWAYS trying to get three tennis balls in his mouth at one time. When he finally does it is when the new owner realizes that she now has a special bond with this dog and it is as though the former owner is saying thank you. It made me remember that our troops are still fighting, still dying and still need our prayers. They sacrifice so much for us so we can live with so many freedoms that we take for granted. So I am saying THANK YOU to all military personnel and their families, past, present and future.

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J said...

oh my goodness, what a cute picture :) hehehehe!