Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Last Day of Preschool:(

Today marked the last day of our preschool. It was so fun to see how much Zane has learned this year. He has learned about butterflies, shadows, humming birds, Saguaro, creosote bushes, prickly pears and the beetles that live on them, jackrabbits, frogs and SO MUCH MORE. Today marked some firsts. Zane caught his first tadpole and also fell into the pond. Later Zane saw a group of swans, which was also a first. His final first today was having a duck eat out of his hand at the Riparian Area. I think the ducks are learning who he is. I think we have been there 4 out of the last 5 days.
Zane's first day of Preschool in Oct. 2008

Zane's Last day of preschool, giving Ms. S his book he made for her.

Circle Time

Guessing what is in the box

Catching Tadpoles at the pond
One of the tadpoles that Zane caught

Zane's favorite spot during free discovery time-sand or water table

Last week Zane found an egg, it was a quail egg. It just so happens they lay one egg a day until they are done. I was hoping to see more, but the silly quail did not choose a very good spot. So we think she abandoned her nest. But this is the egg Zane found.

This was one of the best programs that I have taken Zane to. I loved it and so did Zane. We both learned so much and I have tools to enforce what was learned this summer when we are stuck inside because it is 115+ outside. I can't wait to sign up for next year! I am looking forward to doing other activities once a week seeing as how we will not have this drive every week. But I will miss the friends that we made and the learning that went on.


Buttercup said...

That is cool! My son found an egg a week or so ago out in the pasture... it looked like a brown chicken egg sorta. It was sitting on the ground next to a little water hole. No nest or other eggs that we could see. I made him leave it there, but since then we've had over 2 inches of rain and I have a feeling that the water hole probably swallowed the little egg up. :( We'll never know! Oh well, we got 15 chickens and 2 ducks this Spring, so there will be plenty of eggs to come...

Julie said...

We also did the DBG preschool. Wasn't it spectacular?! I think it's one of the best kept secrets in teh valley.