Sunday, May 3, 2009

What a week

This week has been a whirlwind. First we got new windows on Wed. for the whole house. This is so amazing because the air conditioner did not kick on until Sat. evening (even with it being 90+ all week.) It use to be the AC would kick on about 2 and run every hour for about 15 minutes. I can't wait to see what will happen this summer. Hope there will be much lower electric bills.

I also decided it was time to get rid of stuff. So I decided to have a garage sale. I did this on Fri and Sat. But the problem is that I am very type A. Everything was labeled with color dots. Then I made a sign that matched the color dots with the price. Made it very easy to communicate with my customers (many Spanish speaking, and I am VERY out of practice). But it went very well and I was able to make enough money to pay for the rental car when we go to Indiana next week.

While I was having the garage sale, Grandpa took Zane out to the Riparian Area (both days, Zane's choice) and Zane learned how to take pictures. He had a blast with his grandpa! Plus it really helped me out, because I could focus on the sale and not have to worry about Zane. Thank you so much!

The picture are all taken by Zane!

The Sky

The Path

Zane also had his last day of T-ball, which was priceless. The children had a "game" (which was a first) with game being used loosely. When it was Zane's turn to hit the ball and run the bases, he creamed the ball, ran towards first and then chased the ball. It was priceless to watch 3 and 4 year olds "play" t-ball. But the fun that we had.

Tuesday is the last day of Sammy Seedlings Preschool. I am going to be so sad when it is over, but so thankful that we did this. It is wonderful to see everything that Zane has learned this year. Shadows (he loves to walk on my shadow), the type of flowers that humming birds like, that cactus really do hurt when you touch them, and so much more. I know that he is going to LOVE the last class, for it is about frogs!

Speaking of frogs, we have added yet more members to the family. Zane talked David into fish. So David pulled out a fish tank that we were given and got five $0.26 goldfish (all of which are still alive two weeks later). The next week David got the itch to add more and Zane was able to "talk" him into frogs (2 African Dwarf Frogs) and then 3 ghost shrimp (one died).

On another note...Even though we have been very blessed to be able to paint our home, add windows, and putting in hardwood floors. It is wonderful that we are able to make our home how we want it. But I realized as the windows were going in and I watched as our neighbor held the hand of her son (born Jan. 8, 2008) that NONE of this would be taking place if Micah were with us. How I would trade all of these home improvements for Micah to be back with us. In fact, with much discussion, we have decided that we are satisfied with how our family is right now. We are going to wait and see if God changes our hearts, but for now, raising Zane and remembering Micah and longing for the day we get to join him is enough. God has truly blessed us with the opportunity to raise Zane and we are so thankful for that.

So this week will be spent finishing up preschool, and preparing for our trip to Indiana. Where Zane will see his Great Grandma Perin and Great Grandpa Curry. Along with David's Uncle, Aunt, and Cousins and their kids. This will be so much fun because Zane is old enough to interact with the kids this time.

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Heather said...

It has been bittersweet and yet beautiful to see how God has worked in your life over the last few months my friend.

I hope you enjoy Indiana.