Thursday, March 19, 2009

Some Pictures

I am finally getting around to showing some of the pictures from our trip. I may have gotten a little carried away with the pictures, but each one is special!

Always remember putting the flags out at Grandpa's

Grandpa and Grandma Fortune
Great Grandma Fortune teaching Zane how to play piano!

Zane and Great Grandma

Me and my Grandparents and Zane I see some resemblance between Zane and his Great Grandpa
Going for a walk. This is very tiring for Grandpa
Grandpa's niece's husband, his niece, nephew, nephew's son (on the back row)
Four Generations: Grandpa, my Dad, Me and Zane!
Cousin Shirley hates pictures! Of course, either Zane or her is hiding!
Grandpa and his name sake (Elo Zane and Jonathan Zane)

This is one of my friends from Tabor College. We did so much together and had lots of fun. I remember Kathy everyday, for we got our cartilage pierced together. We had so much in common then and have not seen or talked to each other since about 1996! Well, we got married exactly 3 months apart, and her baby girl is two days older than what Micah would be. It was sad but refreshing to see her and Zane play together. It made me see how much I am missing but at the same time, I was okay with it. It was very, very hard, but I honestly did fine. I even introduced Kathy to Micah.
Zane is kicking the ball not Hazel
Back in Colorado

My brother's best friend and as much a part of the family as anyone who is blood, bouncing Zane. Thank you for the break!

On the left is my friend Jamie, we have known each other since we were 4! and my Cousin's wife
Meme and Zane
My Grandpa Bob and Grandma Laura
At the Denver Children's Museum. Zane playing trains with Nana
Future Firefighter: there is a real firetruck that Zane is on!
Of course the SNOW!!!!

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