Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bringing Spring Inside!

It is very hard to teach the seasons here in the desert southwest. We have two seasons, awesome and HOT! I know that the high country can get snow, but it is nothing like what I experienced growing up. I remember being so excited for the first snow fall, seeing the crocuses pop up from a March snow, going to the park on summer nights and raking leaves in the fall. Well, that does not happen here in Arizona. So, I am trying to bring the seasons inside.

I started this after the snow where we went and played in early Feb. After we played in the snow, we made snowflakes and I hung them from Zane's door.

So for spring we made a paper flower garden in the hall and filled it with tissue paper butterflies! I hung them from the ceiling, door and wall. The flowers Zane helped make, I put them up with little help. And I made the butterflies and hung them after he was asleep. I was hoping he would give his normal reaction so I could get a picture of it, but of course, he did not cooperate!

Another thing that I am so glad to see Zane finally doing something I never thought he would do...READ ON HIS OWN! I was weeding yesterday and he joined me under the tree to read!
This was something I loved doing in the summer, when I was not forced to read a certain book!

I am now starting to think of how to bring Summer into the House, and am running into a road block. I would like it to be nature oriented but all I am thinking of is baseball, fireworks, and picnics. So if any of you who read this have ideas or favorite summer nature memories I would love it if you shared!

Hope you all have a wonderful spring!


kristy said...

How cute!

Heather said...

I know it's not nature themed, but really, what kind of nature things do we do in the summer...

How about a swimming theme?!?!?

I guess if you want to do a nature thing, you could make a burrow along the bottom wall and show the kangaroo rats hiding in the cool ground from the sweltering heat! :)