Saturday, December 13, 2008

What a difference between Day and Night!

In an earlier post I showed pictures of the Chihuly Glass that is at the Desert Botanical Gardens. David and I along with two dear friends were able to go last night. It was such a wonderful, romantic, beautiful, childless, memorable evening. Thank you Sarah and Errol for joining us. Here are some pictures of the night, along with some from the day so you can see how different they can be.

Along with the glass being all in lights, the paths were also lined with luminaria. Which I just found out is all SOLD OUT! So glad we got the tickets. What a wonderful memory, again happening on a special day. Which I was able to spend with my hubby and friends, I had my necklace (new for Micah) around my neck.

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Kerry Hasenbalg said...

Those glass sculptures are gorgeous - thanks for sharing. For someone reason beautiful things seem more beautiful to me since losing something beautiful. Christine, I didn't remember or ever realize perhaps that you lost your Micah so close to our losing Isabella. I pray for your continued healing! Your sister in the Lord. Kerry Hasenbalg