Monday, December 15, 2008

Not Me!!! Monday

So this one goes along with last Monday's also but just another wonderful week with kids and dogs!

We did not go and spend half what we would have, if the store was not closing, on new rugs to go with the new floors in our livingroom.
These were not wool rugs.
Then after having them on the floor for TWO days one of the dogs did not throw up on the rug!
I did not find it out by stepping in it. NO that would never happen in my wonderful tranquil life.
We did not get told that our son was a perfect angel and did not bit a kid on the check during Sunday School.
I did not take our new dog to Petsmart where he did not pee on a display right in front of an employee.
I did not spend yesterday afternoon finishing a book that I could not renew.
I did not make 4 pounds of fudge at one time and it did not overflow because the pot was the right size. I then did not have burnt sugar on my flat top stove! However, after googling, I did not find a great way to get it off! NEVER use oven cleaner then don't turn the stove on for a short time, don't let it cool and then don't wipe it off. This little trick will not take off burnt sugar;)
I did not just catch my son trying to tweeze his dogs eyes!
Lastly, I am not getting use to Arizona's weather. I am not getting a little cold when the temps drop below 60.


LucieP said...

we just got a flat top stove and those things are hard to clean! Thanks for the tips because I bought wipes and they aren't really doing the job...ya know?!

Yuck for you with the dog vomit on your foot on your new some fudge, it'll make it all better!

amanda said...

i wish we had 60 degree weather. it was well under ZERO today. yuck.

Anonymous said...

Hello :)