Monday, December 8, 2008

Not Me!!! Monday

I did not start writing this early, Friday, so I would not forget.

I did not get conned by a 3 year old who said there was bird poop on the kitchen floor. I of course did not ask him why he brought it in, to which he said he just brought it in.

I did not ask him to pick it up to which he replied, "um no, yucky!"

I would never go get a paper towel to pick it up and find out that it was a plastic insect leg that our dog had chewed off."

We did not wake up to our son coming and showing us that he ate marshmallows. He also did not say the dogs ate LOTS of them. But his hyperness, tells me that he definitely did not have LOTS himself!

He is not crashing!

Just added: We did not just discover that our son was telling the truth. The dogs did not eat LOTS of said marshmallows. My hubby was not the first one adult to discover and did not proceed to go back to the table leaving the doggie throw up. Which said son did not go and want to play with it. I was no the one who cleaned up the throw up, even though the marshmallow duty was on hubby's time.

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LucieP said...

I wonder if it's better to have marshmallow doggy poop or mashmallow doggy puke? Hmmm....
No puke at all! No puke at all!