Sunday, June 29, 2008

Matching and Reading

Zane has discovered the joys of Cars and Mack trucks. Every work truck we pass on the road he yells "Mommy MACK!" Yes, he learned it from Cars. So what did I do, but check out lots of books about big trucks from the library. I also remembered that Grammie got Zane construction vehicles for his birthday. I had put them up to protect them. Well, Zane loves to read the books about the trucks. I even caught him matching his construction vehicles with the pictures in the books! Once he was done, he wanted to take a nap. TOO CUTE and I love when he asks me to read to him, even if it is the same book five times in a row!

During all of this we have also started to really focus on potty training. Zane has done great! We went to the zoo and he stayed dry the whole time and went on the potty there. You have got to love the places who cater to little ones and have potties that are just their size. We also went to the AMY, then had lunch at Daddy's work and Zane was dry the entire time! He stayed dry at church today also. However, this has lead to some great blackmail photos for in the DISTANT future and we are telling his future wife about all the silly things he did as a child. I can't post them, even though it is tempting.

In an earlier post, I mentioned some love birds and how they are introduced. Well, here is another reason introduced species are not a good thing. Earlier this week lightning started a fire in the Gila River Indian Reservation. It has given us beautiful sunsets, which are breathtaking. See for your self:

But they are having difficulty putting the fire out because of Salt Cedar. Salt Cedar is an introduced plant from the Mediterranean area. It hogs all the water and leaves salt deposits behind so the native plants can't survive. It is also very flammable and thrives after a fire. What was great was that ABC 15 News mentioned this problem in their 5 pm news cast! Got to love the fact that some conservation issues that are worth bring to the surface and are real get noticed. Kind of like dandelions, Africanized Bees, and Brown and Rainbow Trout and the effects that they have had on native fish in the Colorado River Basin. (Yes it is a soapbox of mine that I don't get to voice often, but the fire is a perfect reason for it!)

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