Thursday, June 19, 2008

Fun Times

So this is just a bunch of fun things that have been happening. First as you saw in earlier posts: Wildlife in the Backyard, we have had some awesome visitors. We have been having FOUR love birds coming and devouring our sunflower seeds. It is great fun to watch. However, it is also sad. Both David and I thought that they were native wildlife, with Arizona being the northern most part of their migratory path. After researching this, we found that they are native to Africa. This means that the lovebirds that we are seeing are pets people lost, or let go or they are offspring of those lost pets. These are introduced species that brings up a whole other stance that I will not get into: Got to love us Wildlife Biologists!!!!

The next set of pictures is another repeat offense. Yes, Zane decided to paint the bathroom mirror AGAIN--With SOAP-- But the great part of this is that he wanted to clean up!!! But he also was so cute admiring his work!

Finally, Zane is starting to really get the Hide-And-Seek game down. In some cases too well. He loves when I hide, so he can come find me, but I have found that he also likes to get in trouble during my hiding. I was able to send him hiding and catch these adorable pictures.

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