Sunday, March 17, 2013

Our Annual Trip to the Renaissance Festival!

Well, it is "summer" in the desert again. Which means that the Arizona Renaissance Festival is here.  This year we did not make it to many shows but the three we did were new ones to us (because of the boys) and were all at the same stage!  We did make it to the Wyld Men again, but that is not hard to get my boys to because of the fantastic acting MUD!  We listened to a group called Tartanic.  I heard them last year and really loved this.  I got a video clip of their version of "Amazing Grace"  which I will share with you blogger is not uploading!

We also stayed and watched the Bird of Prey show.  Which if you know me and my boys was truly a joy.  Got to see these amazing raptors in action up close. And our seats were PERFECT!  Here are some of the amazing pictures of these beautiful birds.

Black Vulture Native to Arizona

Red Tail Hawk
Lanner Falcon

Lanner Falcon
During the show we also saw an African Vulture (who was very amusing) strip a chicken leg.  That was the last video I got before the memory card was full :( 

The vulture then ate the chicken leg bone whole!

We watched the Fire Whip man, Andy McCracken (No clue if that is his real name, but it is definitely fun!)  Zane was very taken with him and is using his blankets as whips.

Cody was able to do a couple of rides and Zane did as many as he could talk us into, but he mainly did the ones that involved shooting arrows and guns, throwing things so he could break something.
Mother Goose had her geese all dressed up for St. Paddy's Day

Cody loving on Maggie

Zane loving on Maggie

Waiting for their turn on the giant rocking horse

Cody hanging on tight to Zane as the rocking horse starts

The Fun of being bungeed into the air

Hanging for the next show

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