Sunday, March 3, 2013


So, I caved!  I joined Pinterest.  I said I would not because I did not need another time sucker.  But I ran into a problem.  This last fall I got fed up with the same decorations in my plant nooks on the built in entertainment/fireplace.  So I decided that every season I would change them out to match the season.  Well, autumn was so fun because I was able to put out leaves, pumpkins and stuff that I had been having trouble finding places for.  Winter, another easy one, but the Nativity was out till February and I had Snowmen out too.  But that did not bother me because Snowmen are winter and the Nativity is so beautiful and peaceful.  So the spring has come and I got two of the three done but that third one I wanted something that represented Easter and the Resurrection.  So I went and joined Pintrerest!

I spent about two hours searching.  There were wonderful ideas, some new and some that I am familiar with.  But they were either "Easter bunny" type (which is not how we celebrate Easter) or needed to be watered.  I can't have ANYTHING that needs to be watered in the house, let alone over 12 feet up.  So I combined this idea and the knowledge I can't have things I need to water, along with what I had on hand.  And this is what I got!

The cross was given to us by David's Parents and I made the LOVE plaque in my MOMS group a couple years ago.  But the tomb is on the right.


Here is a view of 2/3s of the built-in

The problem Nook

Had Husband cut me a piece of 1/8 inch board (scrap board from one of his projects) to fit spot
I painted it brown with acrylic paint (have on hand)
Used an empty yogurt container (saved from recycle bin) as the tomb mold for paper mache
Added layers of paper mache (made from this recipe and newspaper from our neighborhood that we all got for free and don't read) until it was to my liking

Thick and dry
I then used Spanish Moss (did have to buy less than $3 at Hobby Lobby) and glue gun to cover the top

and craft/school glue for the sand (from playground) path
I then glue gunned the river rocks (boys had from somewhere) on the side of path

and added little paper flowers (from my scrapbooking supplies that I got in a kit and rarely use)

Aren't they cute!

The Stone that was rolled away was from our yard!

This is what I got

I would like to note that I would paint the tomb, inside and out, before adding the moss.  Also, this could double as a Hobbit Shire or Fairy Home!  Just take the stone away and make a fun door like one of these

So now there is something that I will be able to use year after year, that does not need to be watered for that nook that I have to drag the 12 foot ladder in to get too (or use a bar stool and try not to do the twist).

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