Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Our Little Graduate!

Today Zane had his first graduation ceremony from Kindergarten.  It was really cute and an excellent way of showing how he is moving from Miss Nikki's classroom and into Miss Sherie's class.  They did a great job of making the kids feel special.

So handsome!  Before school

Being presented as a graduate

Receiving "Diploma"

and gift

With his teachers

Miss Megan

Miss Nikki

His good friend B

Receiving Trophy

Miss Sherie
We also got a special surprise from United Food Bank.  In August Montessori House had a canned food drive (other schools do it throughout the year).  Our goal was to bring in 911 cans in honor of 9-11.  We were awarded first place for most cans per student in a charter school!

I also video taped the ceremony for Nana and Papa since they were in Colorado.

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