Thursday, April 26, 2012

Too Cute Not Too

So we are having a very different April!  Today it RAINED!!!!!!  This is the first time that Cody has been old enough and aware enough to so splashing!!!!  I was even lucky enough to get some video.  The first is just checking out what this stuff falling from the sky and off the roof is. The second is him look at the puddles and the third, he figured it out!

Well, Zane was at school so the mess was not as bad but Cody had fun all the same.

However, this little guy would not let me get a picture from the front.  Every time I would get in front of him, he would turn and run the other way.  Oh yes, he knew what he was doing!

We also have two very special house guests.  Please be in prayer that the lawyers do as they say and that the government moves quickly.  She wants to take her baby boy home to meet his brothers, sister and daddy.

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