Thursday, November 24, 2011

Not What Was Planned

First....Happy Thanksgiving to you!

We are so thankful for so many things: our family, home, God, and all His blessing that He has given us. But as for blessings, you never think of blessings as things not going the way that they are planned. It started Monday. Cody's nose started to get really thick and then on Tues it changed color. So I took him into the Dr. after picking Zane up from school. She told me that he has a sinus infection and strep throat. GREAT! Can we please get Zane cultured. After paying our copay for Zane, and getting an "appointment" scheduled, he had a culture and sure enough he has strep too. No fever, no change in energy level, none of the symptoms that they tell you to look for. So we get the Rx and then I call David and tell him I should get checked too. Sure enough that is three of us with strep and no symptoms for me. In fact, my post nasal drip soar throats hurt worse than this did. So we were trapped at home on Wednesday. Zane just wanted to go play with his friends. He does not understand that he was contagious even though he did not feel sick. Talk about driving a mommy crazy!

So this morning, I woke up and went to run my race (as planned). I ran the whole 2 miles and finished, which was my goal. I do not know what my time was as they did not keep time. But next year I will be running the 10K along with 5000 others! It was a mass of humanity! After I was done I called David and he told me that Cody had green buggers coming out everywhere! Great, there went dinner plans~ However, it worked out great. We were able to go to Walmart, get a smoked turkey (yummy) at 30% off! Along with other sides that we do not keep in the house. This was about 10 am. We sat down to eat just after 3 pm! It was yummy and we did not infect other small children or adults with whatever Cody has. It has also aloud us to get ready for Zane's Birthday Party tomorrow (which there will be a post later!)

Again, hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and made memories that you will cherish and maybe started a new tradition. I know I did!

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